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Em5's Set of Best Unisex Fragrances | Inspired by Aventuss by Creedd | La Nuit l hommee | Guccci Guiltyy (M) | Acquaa di gioo (L) | Rojaa Dovee DIAGHILEV | Luxury Spray | Pack of 5 | Eau de Parfum | 10ml each

Perfume Notes
Aromatic Citrus Floral Fresh Spicy Woody
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House of Em5

Perfume Packs

Step into the world of blissful fragrances!
We bring to you an exotic collection of House of Em5's true impressions of perfume sprays
This set contains 5 varied fragrances, inspired by 
Em5's Harbour : Aventuss by Creedd
Em5's Monarch : La Nuit l hommee
Em5's Onate : Guccci Guiltyy (M)
Em5's Take off : Acquaa di gioo (L)
Em5's Rare : Rojaa Dovee DIAGHILEV

Leave them wanting for more!
The majestic fragrance creates an unforgettable memory that lasts 8 hours + on your skin and 18-30 hours on your clothes. (Depending on weather conditions and exposure). A projection of 4 feet for the first 3-5 hours lets you spread around a mystical aroma. For best results hold the perfume 3-6 inches away from skin. Lightly spray fragrance on pulse points including neck, chest, and wrists.

When words are you, let your fragrance do the talking!
These enchanting fragrances are perfect wear for all occasions. Packed in a glass bottle, the perfume comes with an elegantly designed packaging that is easy to carry and also a perfect gifting option.

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